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Hi Jayesh!

I had no problems downloading the book. I am still studying it. There is some good stuff in your book. I have read lots of stock market books, and yours is probably one of the best for anyone just starting out to trade. You give them the setups, where to place stop losses, and money management. Not much more that anyone could ask for. I will probably combine your ideas with things I already know in order to develop my own unique trading methodology.

I like Alexander Elder's triple screen, and I like some of the ideas espoused by Marcel Link in his book, "High Probability Trading". Your book is better than some books that I have paid $40 or more.

Thanks for a really good book!

- Keith Ray
Aug 19, 2005


Profit From Prices is a stock trading ebook that teaches a unique method of technical analysis and explains some powerful stock market trading signals. After reading this book, you will be able to understand current stock price trends and capture trend reversals very quickly. Use of the PROFIT FORM PRICES signals described in this book with a proper stop-loss can help generate impressive profit in stock trading without traking excessive risk.

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Disclaimer: This trading system/signal, like any other system, may fail at times. Exercise caution when trading and decide suitability of any trade by taking into consideration market conditions, your financial situation, investment objectives and circumstances. Always keep a stop-loss when you are trading.

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