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Jayesh Patel, CFA.

I began investing in stocks when I was a Computer Engineering student in India. Though my capital was limited, I was pretty successful, and happy, as an investor. Then after finishing MBA from University of California, Riverside, USA, I went back to India and officially entered into investment profession. I founded an investment services company that later obtained membership (seat) of India's largest online stock exchange- National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE). This was the time period when I came in close contact with active traders and had a very close encounter with price fluctuations. Before I realized, I had turned myself into a trader too. First I tried to play the game of trading with rules that I had learnt as an investor. Naturally it didn't work. Then I tried whatever I read, heard or came across. Nothing seemed to work. Nothing seemed to work for any trader I knew.

In those days, when any new client asked me about what advice I had for him for success in trading, I would tell him to find an inverter machine which could convert his buy orders into sell and sell orders into buy! The only way I knew for a guaranteed success in trading was for a person to sell the stock when he was thinking to buy it, and buy it when he was thinking to sell it! The market at all times seemed to act against an individual trader. I was no exception. I had learnt and used lot of technical indicators but none seemed to work consistently. I was desperately looking for something that could help me make money. Then in 1998, I attended one seminar in which my fellow stockbroker, Mr. Jitendrabhai Mistry, CA, talked about how to read prices and that is the day which changed my trading results for better.

I did not get much chance to use this Prices based trading approach in India because I decided to move to USA. Over the last few years, I adjusted and fine tuned this theory. I also created a program in Powerbuilder to run these signals on a set of stocks. I was getting more and more impressed with this approach. Then to share my findings with other traders, I started writing this book in spare time. Writing is not my passion. However I came in contact with one online friend from Spain who helped me to a great extent to make this book readable. I am very thankful to her.

As such I never visualized myself as an author. Then why did I write this book? This PFP signals I use in my personal trading are very powerful. They are very logical but yet they are very simple. With these signals, I am able to achieve a success rate of 75%. Out of every four trade I make, three are in profit. This is not to be taken as any guarantee but I attribute all my success in trading to this approach. I believe I would be selfish if I keep these trading secrets to myself. I want to share with people like you who are in pursuit of making their trading more profitable. If you trade stocks or futures, I would strongly advise you to read my eBook to learn about Profit From Prices approach. This 19.95$ is not a big investment and also if you are not satisfied for any reason, there is money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase.

Since settling in California, USA, I have also proved my investment knowledge by earning the most prestigious qualification on Wall Street - CFA Charter (Chartered Financial Analyst).

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Disclaimer: This trading system/signal, like any other system, may fail at times. Exercise caution when trading and decide suitability of any trade by taking into consideration market conditions, your financial situation, investment objectives and circumstances. Always keep a stop-loss when you are trading.

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