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Sorry. This signal is not explained on this website. Only a few signals (marked ) are explained on this webisite to show you what Profit From Prices theory is and how easy and effective it is to trade stocks just by looking at four daily prices. I can assure you that this system works and has much better timing, accuracy and success rate than most systems out there.

If you want to look at the complete set of PFP signals, you can purchase Profit From Prices eBook from this web-site. It is around 150 pages pdf file (3 Mb in side) and can be viewed on any computer with Adobe Acrobat. Please see below for ordering instructions.


Disclaimer: This trading system/signal, like any other system, may fail at times. Exercise caution when trading and decide suitability of any trade by taking into consideration market conditions, your financial situation, investment objectives and circumstances. Always keep a stop-loss when you are trading.

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