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Major Trend Reversal Trading Signals

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Sorry. This signal is not explained on this website. Only few signals (marked ) are explained on this webisite to give you an idea about how easy and effective it is to trade stocks or futures just by looking at four daily prices. Please look at some Free Signals.

If you decide to buy my eBook that describes all of my signals in detail, please click here for ordering instructions. If you have any questions or confusions, please click here to look at Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Thank you for your interest in Profit From Prices approach to stock trading.

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Stock trading strategy book investment J Patel CFA (Mar 03 07:10 2005 PST)
Excellent! This book which is a complete trading methodology, including specific setups, gives more detailed trading information than books by "big name" authors costing 4 - 10 times the price. You can't go wrong buying this book. (Mar 12 11:42 2005 PST) (most recent)


Disclaimer: This trading system/signal, like any other system, may fail at times. Exercise caution when trading and decide suitability of any trade by taking into consideration market conditions, your financial situation, investment objectives and circumstances. Always keep a stop-loss when you are trading.

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