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Profit from Prices- a book on stock market trading

(ISBN-13 9781434805133 )
One of the best stock trading book on the Internet

"PROFIT FROM PRICES" eBook (ISBN 1434805131) teaches amazingly SIMPLE and LOGICAL but some of the most EFFECTIVE and TIMELY methods to find stocks for trading. It gives trading signals at an EARLY STAGE of price movements so one can have MAXIMUM PROFIT OPPORTUNITY with MINIMUM EXPOSURE TO RISK/LOSS.

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Have just downloaded the book and love it. I have been searching for a good trading book for a long time and while there are books that are good in certain areas, this book covers it all! A must read for anyone serious about trading.

Dave King

Hi Jayesh,

I am Nawaz Khan Nawab from Banglore India. I am a F&O Trader. I have already subscribed your book profit from prices ebook from last 2 years, I am very successful using you book. Great book with Excellent profit opportunities. I appreciate your book as one of the investing Bible.

Nawaz Khan

Finally, A Way to Make Sense of the Market!,
By Michael Stevens

This book is very well written and insightful. It offers the individual investor/trader a workable trading plan/method, without requiring that they sit in front of their computer everyday during market hours. The book goes into great detail in describing various trading signals, along with actual trading examples. While no method is successful 100% of the time, this method will help you put the odds in your favor with a minimal amount of risk. The best part of the book is the confidence it will give you in making sense out of what is going on in the market, and then taking action based on those signals. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to better understand what prices are telling us in the market.

Trading NIRVANA - Buy It Now,
By Raghu Ram (Short Hills, New Jersey USA)

Absolutely the Best Trading Book you can Buy. Solid Grounding in Fundamentals, Investor Sentiment, Technical Analysis and Stock Psychology. The author has done a fantastic job in laying out the book with Practical Elements of Making Money - Long and Short instead of the Academic View of most other Trading Books.
Best $20 Bill you will spend - Trust me this book will keep you off trouble. What do you expect written by a professional Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) knows how to make money.

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Disclaimer: This trading system/signal, like any other system, may fail at times. Exercise caution when trading and decide suitability of any trade by taking into consideration market conditions, your financial situation, investment objectives and circumstances. Always keep a stop-loss when you are trading.

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